Originally from Prairie Village, Kansas, I studied at MIT, where I received two degrees, one in Electrical Engineering and a second in Humanities.  I began my career as an electrical engineer for an instrumentation company in suburban Boston. Five years later, my father asked me to come home to Kansas and join him in a printing and mailing business. Over the next few years, we developed this business into a direct marketing company. I specialized in working with local and national non-profit organizations, helping them use direct mail to acquire more subscribers and donors.

After moving to Chicago, I worked as a marketer for a financial services agent. I brought in new qualified people, and he turned them into clients. We built a very successful business together.

After making aliyah to Israel, I had to choose a new career.  Digital marketing was an obvious choice, since it combined my technical and analytical skills with my marketing background. It’s also a field where I felt could make a difference by contributing to the success of small and medium sized non-profit organizations that are making this world a better place.

I started my digital marketing career helping non-profit organizations get their Google Ad Grants and managing these accounts. Over time, I developed an expertise with Facebook advertising and Google Display Ads, using them in conjunction with with the free Google ads to acquire new leads and promote strategically important content. Along the way, I learned how to set up and use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for measuring and optimizing the performance of paid advertising, websites, landing pages, and email campaigns. Most recently, I’ve helped organizations take use email automation tools to nurture relationships with subscribers.

There are now an incredibly rich set of tools for helping organizations cost-effectively reach their target audiences and build online relationships. Limited advertising dollars can now, more than ever, be focused on reaching and building relationships with the people most likely to be interested.

Most small and medium sized non-profit organizations lack the in-house expertise needed to make the most of what digital marketing offers.  My role is to help these organizations run their digital marketing programs in a professional way without having to hire an expensive staff member.

I’ve been blessed to work primarily with organizations that directly support Israel and the Jewish people, and I’ve gotten to know well the pro-Israel Jewish and Christian audiences.  However, I’m happy to work for any non-profit or for-profit organizations that are helping to make this world a better place.

Shlomo Vile, CEO