Getting Found via Search

Google Ad Grant Account Management

Get $10,000/month of Google advertising credit! 
This can be a great resource for non-profits to attract new readers to their websites at no cost, but the  accounts need to be actively managed.
Shoresh has been managing these accounts for many years and understands how to streamline the process and make them a cost-efficient source of new readers and subscribers. 

Moreover, Google Grant accounts are great research tools that can help your paid ads and SEO efforts be more successful.


Attract more organic search traffic:

1) Conduct a thorough audit of your website, making sure that the structure and tagging of the content make it easy to be indexed by the search engines and and listed attractively on search pages.

2)  Optimize your content over time by:

  • Discovering which search terms and content themes are the best opportunities for higher search rankings. 
  • Optimizing the structure of content on your site to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Creating a strategic content plan based on these opportunities.

Getting Your Message in Front of the Right Audiences and Turning Readers into Subscribers and Subscribers into Donors and Customers

Display Advertising

    1. Remarket to the people who have already indicated interest in what you have to offer and are the most likely to respond. 
  1. Show your banner or videos on other websites with audiences very similar to your own.

Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin)

Build Your List: We’re experts at lead generation and have created many created lead programs that produce new subscribers for under $0.50/apiece.

Promote Your Content: Get more views of your articles or videos on Facebook or Youtube for just pennies apiece.   

Expand Your Reach: Platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow you to cost-effectively reach audiences that are less accessible on Facebook.

Target Business Professionals: Linkedin advertising is expensive but you can hone in select audiences of just the right business professionals.

Email Marketing

Don’t just email people – communicate!
Email platforms now allow you to respond to strategic user behaviors in ways that help build a relationship and move them from subscribers to donors/customers to loyal customers/donors.  

We’ll help you create and manage marketing funnels using email automations.


Helping You Understand and Manage Your Online Marketing Efforts

Measurement, Tracking, and Reporting

We’ll help you understand and monitor the key performance indicators for your online marketing programs.   We’ll set up the tracking and measurement systems and create the reports you need to evaluate your marketing efforts and measure your progress.

We’ll also provide you with actionable insights for how to continuously improve your programs.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Small and medium size organizations often lack the in-house resources to create integrated online marketing campaigns. Let us take a comprehensive look at your current digital marketing efforts and put a plan together for you to achieve your goals.

We’ll help put your ideas into action.

Shlomo Vile, CEO