Our work begins with understanding your goals. We do an audit in key areas of your organization’s digitial marketing performance, and if necessary refine the goals.
We then develop a set of recommendations. We decide together which recommendations should be the focus of Shoresh’s work, and we start to work together.

Typical Reasons Organizations Choose to Work With Shoresh Online Marketing:

You need a cost-effective new subscriber program.

You want more organic traffic and/or to cost-effectively engage more people with the content you're creating.

You want to make the best use of your Google Ad Grant and learn how to use it in conjunction with your paid Google and social media advertising.


You want a better handle on the effectiveness of your current marketing and guidance on how to do better within your budget.

You want help creating and implementing a marketing funnel to help turn first-time website visitors into subscribers and donors.

You'd like to have your online marketing efforts managed professionally but can't justify hiring a full-time digital marketing professional.